The online store is a so-called donation shop where the customer purchases one or more products that are donated to charity at the time of purchase. Since the customer does not receive any material compensation for their money (an intangible gift), this activity also constitutes fundraising as defined by the fundraising law, and therefore, it is subject to the fundraising law. Omri ry has a valid fundraising permit RA/2023/1495.

Because the sales do not involve compensatory trade, purchases are not subject to consumer protection laws. Therefore, products sold through our online store do not have the exchange and/or return rights provided by consumer protection law.

The products to be ordered are selected in our online store by adding them to the shopping cart. The order is placed by paying for the contents of the shopping cart through the online store’s checkout function. By placing an order, you accept these terms of delivery and the prices of the products. If an email address is provided at the time of ordering, an order confirmation will be sent by email. The order confirmation will specify the ordered products and their prices.

The products are delivered to Ukraine to associations cooperating with this online store (see the section About Us) or to their designated partners in equal shares (1/10 part to each). Products may be shipped during the campaign period when a sufficient number has been sold, taking into account the packaging size, monetary value, and shipping costs required for distribution. All products will be sent to the recipients no later than two (2) weeks after the campaign period has ended. If the products are not evenly distributed, the remaining quantity will be allocated by drawing lots.